Team Markne

Pether Markne

Pether has competed in show jumping up to 1.60 internationally, and in international dressage up to the Olympic level, at the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000.

He is Sweden’s only A-class trainer for dressage and jumping. He has been working as a trainer in Sweden as well as being contracted by riders and owners all over Europe.

He previously worked for a number of years as a trainer for the Swedish Youth Equestrian team. During that time they won three individual gold medals, of which the latest was in 2015, as well as a silver medal in the team competition.

Pether is currently focused on building up Markne Academy and the further development of his role as trainer and coach.

Per Sandgaard

Per has been working with horses for his whole life.

He has a degree in business and economics with majors in marketing, and German at the negotiation level. He is also an elementary school teacher.

Per was the Danish champion in dressage and an Olympic finalist in Athens in 2004 where he finished in tenth place for Denmark. He was also part of the Swedish European championship team that won the bronze medal in 2007 and was a reserve on the Swedish Olympic team for 2008 in Peking/Hong Kong.

He works at training horses, as well as training horses with their riders up to the level of Grand Prix. Some of his students have won Nordic Master medals in pony dressage at the junior level as well as being European Championship finalists.

At the moment he has three horses currently rising on the competitive level. One of them, Final Cut, won the finals at Lövsta Future Challenge at the Friends Arena in Sweden in 2015. Another of them, Charmeur, was nominated as Star of Tomorrow in dressage at the Equestrian Gala, (Ryttargalan) in 2015. All three of his horses have won numerous prizes and rankings, both nationally and internationally.

Besides dressage training, he also helps a number of riders doing show-jumping with their dressage and training. This is also his role at Markne Academy and Team Markne.

Hedda Wallin

Hedda was born in 1996 and has loved horses and riding as long as she can remember. She grew up on a farm outside of Mjölby with a father and sister who work full time with horses, and with a mother who had a great interest in this pastime. Hedda won numerous prizes during her time riding ponies, winning awards such as the Gold and Bronze medals in the Swedish Championships and Bronze in the Nordic Masters.

In 2013 she moved to Holland so she could get the chance to ride more, and on better horses. She remained there for nearly 2 years before it was time to move home in the spring of 2015 so she could complete her schooling and continue her work with horses. Immediately upon returning home she resumed her contact with Pether, whom she had trained with before moving away. She now resides at Arphus Farm and trains every day with Pether and Per. Hedda has great ambitions and would like to reach the top echelon in equestrian sports.

“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I will do everything I can to become as accomplished as possible.”

Stina Lillje

Stina was born in Hamre Västergård just outside of Arboga and attended the national sports high school at Strömsholm with a focus on equestrian jumping. She later worked as an instructor at the school for a couple of years.

Stena competes for Jump Club RSF and has worked closely together with mentors and trainers Lotta Björe and Sylve Söderstrand during her entire career. She has a class B trainer’s license for jumping and teaches at camps all around the country. Her main focus is training and competing with horses, ranging from three-year-olds to horses in the higher levels.

Stina has competed in the Falsterbo Scandinavian Open and Breeders Trophy every year since 2000 and has had highly ranked horses in the 4-, 5- and 6-year-classes. She has taken fifteen horses all the way up to advanced level.

Stina mainly rides and trains horses for other owners and is always careful to emphasize the importance of the owners themselves as participatory in her success.

“I am incredibly grateful to the amazing horse owners around me who have put their trust in me and enable me to ride such fine horses. My other sponsors also mean very much to me, since they provide security for my day to day and long-term work.”